Club Koggala Village Galle | Breakfast | 3 Star


Sauntering barefooted down the palm-framed beaches of Koggala with your squad of best friends, you feel surrounded by the spirit of the ocean. The silver-crowned waters beguile your mind, wave after wave. Best friends, skimming together through the glory of the tropical paradise… laughter against the murmur of waves… Club Koggala Village, your own club-themed hideout for this summer. Come, play during the day and party at night…


Tuck away into freshly prepared culinary relishes temptingly laid out at our restaurant which affords views of the Indian Ocean. Take your pick from delightful buffets brimming with Sri Lankan and International dishes, and of course, luscious seafood delicacies. Classical Sri Lankan rice with zingy curries over views of the brine waters, how exotic!

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