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Dream World is the absolute stuff of kids! You won’t get out of here until they are exhausted… and you know how long that takes! This is a big American-style theme park with all the trimmings. Corkscrew, Bumping Cars, Swinging Viking Boat, Rollercoaster – they are all there, and more besides. My personal favorite is the Giant’s House where everything is 50 times as big as it should be – very convincing and it would be an absolutely great place to have a party. The Super Splash and White Water Rapids are water rides and please note: You will get wet!

Enjoy an array of exciting rides, from the family-friendly Speedy Mouse, to the adrenaline-pumped Haunted Mansion and Tornado!. Stick around for the The Colours of the World Parade – among other shows – featuring your favorite cartoon characters. Snap away on your camera at the Seven Wonders of The World. Discover a world of snow and ice at Snow Town, and go for a sledge ride in -8°C temperature! Eat at one of the park’s many food outlets, and make sure to stop by the souvenir shop for some stylish memorabilia!

Operating Time:
Mon – Fri : 10.00 – 17.00
Sat – Sun : 10.00 – 19.00

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