Galle- Mirissa- Galle


After an early breakfast/ with packed breakfast, proceed to enjoy whale watching. Whale Watching – The world’s largest blue whale colony is in Sri Lanka. Hundreds of the blue whales are gathering in Indian ocean. They feed on tiny plank tonic crustaceans krill. These foods are available in large quantities in the Indian ocean. The whales are marine mammals of the order cetacean having a stream lined body and horizontal tail and breathing air through a blow whole on the head.


The weight of the matured blue whale is about 200 tongs. The length is around 27-30 meters. Blue whale has four chambered heart resemble to a Volkswagen bug car a human can crawl through the main artery. Blue whales feed on 03 or 04 tons of krill a day. Drive back to the hotel and spend the day at leisure/ own activities.
Overnight stay at a Galle hotel.

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