SIC – Transfer from Hotel to Melbourne Airport


Your service should arrive during the 20-minute window outlined on your confirmation. You
must be ready and waiting outside your accommodation and in view of the road for the
entirety of your pick up window. Our services will depart immediately once they reach each
pickup point and will not wait for passengers that are not ready to board.

* If you miss your allocated service please make contact with Con-x-ion directly on
+61 7 5556 9888 ASAP.
* Please ensure your mobile is switched on in case we need to contact you.
* Passengers that are not found may not be eligible for refund or reimbursement.
* Do not depart in a taxi without making contact with Con-x-ion first. Clients who choose to take alternate transport without calling to cancel their service may not be eligible for a refund or reimbursement.

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