Trick Eye Museum Singapore


The Trick Eye Museum is a place of deceiving realities, with best attempts to make the entire appearance funny and engaging for the tourists. It is reputedly known for its wide assortment of 3D artwork, which creates an optical illusion. The museum houses a total of 90 artworks, divided into 6 different zones, each featuring a unique theme. All the zones are designed with the utmost care and creativity to create an unparalleled experience for the visitors. These zones are named ‘World of Masterpiece’, ‘Safari Kingdom’, ‘Dream of Fairy Tale’, ‘Star of Circus’, ‘Love in Winter’, and ‘Adventure Discovery’. Don’t be mistaken with the fact that this place is ideal for kids, rather know that it makes sure that every tourist be it an adult or a child, goes back with pockets full of fun and amusement.

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